Lavi Nan Etazini 2

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Watch the Lavi Nan Etazini 2 video, Lavi Nan Etazini 2 written and directed by Roney Jean Jacques This film is about life in the USA and how difficult it is when you came here illegally The cost of living is so high that husband and wife have to work two jobs to take care of their family Sometimes they even cheat on each other because of lack of time This film is breathtaking from the begining to the end Credits Written and directed by Roney Jean Jacques Produced and edited by Olmy Talent and starring Jean Jacques Roney, Lovely Petion, Pierre Louis Boisrond, Lourse St Cyr, Shermalie C Joseph, Maudza Josue, Olguy Maxi, Emmanuel Delphin, Charles toussaint, Magnus Marcelin, Jeanvanny Laguerre, Edwige Vigne, Patrick Chrispin, Stephania Rock, Pierre Wesny, Myrlande Clairvilus, Luciane Talent.

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Francis says...

sil vous plais mwen beswen gade video sa eske nou ka fem ye li sil te plais mwen pa gen yen website sil vous plais nous ka ben gade movie ya

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G9conceptla says...

Come on people, Come on, Let's be serious.

Who's men in their right mind are going to let a woman treat them that way?

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Peterson says...

mwenta renmen we li vit paske mwen anvi we li

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