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Titles: Inedit

The key to paradise by Yanick Etienne is the soundtrack of the movie INEDIT written & Directed by Gerard Nader

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Critique says...

Blondy Ferdinand reprezantan fanm Haitienne?

ou pa konnen sa wap di monche al chache kote ki grate ou. KRIBICH CHODE A ! AHH AHH

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Johny says...

I just read the PRess release on the Motion Picture association of Haiti web site that the Movie inedit Premiere
has been postponed to November 23rd 2008, same

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Joseph says...

monche ou fe yon bel travay men san fanm sa ou pa tap rive la li bel li konn jwe fim mezanmi se reprezantan la femme haitienne oui blondedy

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