Double Face Movie Trailer

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Watch the trailer of Haitian movie Double Face

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Jeff says...

I can't wait for Sept 13 I want to watch that movie so

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Vanel says...

Mwen Double Face ap re jwe anko mwen paka tan n pou mal

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Graceline says...

That's true Tamita.This is the best Haitian movie of the

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Timita says...

that is the best movie for the year, i'll pay to watch it again.

good acting and the production company well

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Emc Office Supplies Inc says...

I sent 20 of my employees to this movie and they were all talking about how good the movie was. And I quote "Picture Quality, Story Plot, and Sound were all above par. The story keeps you lock from beginning to end. They applied comic relief along with serious real life situation.

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Patricia says...

Felicitations Double Face movie a bel

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Daphne says...

When are you guys playing the movie

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Jean says...

Best Haitian movie.

Ti mademoiselle ki ekri script lamwen ta renmen jwen numero

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Rosalvard says...

good job you guy, best acting, best camera man, suprise kembe la pa

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Kathiana says...

map dessan pantanlonw map tchekew poum wew sak few pa gen fanm la lollllllllll fanm sa dedode vre bel film m te enjow li moun ki fe film la nou gen yon bon bagay nan men nou degaje nou fel bat

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