Titles: Remo 2

Names: Sheila Pierre

Remo 2 Behind The Scenes pictures

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Here are some pictures taken during the productions of Haitian movie Remo 2 a new movie from producer Smith Cassamajor.

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Jimmy Mornay says...

wowwwwww it was amazing in Remo 2 the way u danced may be u can danced like dat the same way u were dancing in the movie Remo 2 U can see my picture

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Can T Stand Haters says...

it's great that you made it clear your not a hater, right.

no need to justify yourself because thats just what you are and will always be. for all i know you could be some fat tranny begging for attention while sucking cocks for a living nope am not mad at

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Kheekhee says...

girl u r beautiful but u need to use you side face accross side for your picture to look more feminine than transvestite but your body is hot next you're taking make sure the next pic you lift your chin u turn aside shoulder straight and look disturbing instead of focus
i'm not a hater i just tell you the

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Venette Peralte says...

your face look very full in this pic.i love it better.

sometimes your face look too skinny and your not too pretty.but you can see what im talkin about.love u....u can write me back i would love to know u are hearin your

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