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Jimmy Jean Louis, Halle Berry

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Jimmy Jean Louis, Halle Berry

Here is a rare picture of Haitian Hollywood movie star Jimmy Jean Louis and golden girl Halle Berry looking stunning at Ebony's Pre-Oscar Celebration at the Jim Henson Studios in Hollywood two nights before the main event.

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Jimmy Jean Louis

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Fleuvelt Oliver says...

hi jimmy my name is Oliver Fleuvelt, I want all haitian people to be pround of our country, do something bether to change the life of haitian people.

together we built it.Keep doing good thing my brother.

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Islande Jeanjacques says...

Im so proud of you, and love to wacth your movies it dont matter french or english.

I live in florida, and would love to participate in any movies that you are playing .you have a nice personality and I admire you for that. if you wanna email me, that would also be great.

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Mackenzy says...

I did not know about Jimmy til I saw Fat Girlz along side Monique.

He did a great job--with proper management, he might up for an Oscar--Hold on! Before saying anything--Forest Whitaker is not a great Actor but he murdered Last King of Scotland and got an Oscar--from one true Haitian to another, Jimmy Keep ya head up-u are great and that pic with Halle is Crazy--u are doing ur things son....Haters provide additional energy to cruch your next opponent.

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Marie C says...

Why Haitian celebrity don't like to help their country and they are ashame of whom they are?

Out of all Haitian celebrity, its only whycliff Jean that's proud and help his haitian people.

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Dr. Robert E. Jean-marie M.d says...

wonderfull whenever you your people in Hollywood


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