Titles: The 2 Weapons Of Life

Names: Carlo Saint-Elot

Carlo St Elot

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Here is the official movie poster for Haitian movie The 2 Weapons Of Life

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Marie Jose says...

Ce Marie Jose mame Jeannot soeur parice matente wergens.

Relem nan number: (954)266-9885 or (786)320-1319 Jeannot or (305)300-8813

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Carlos St Elot says...

Stop lying to people.

specialy woman.tell the truth IST NOT ALWAYS HAVE TO BE ABOUT YOU if you have to lie to get in a woman pants u not man ENOUGH FOR

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Samania J. says...

allo carlos i live in Philadelfia i went to the restaurant chez rosaire today to buy the movie they say its sold out. can you please tell me where can i buy it cause i realy wanna see it thank you. and my name is Samania

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Abelard Jordonne says...

se moune tankou cheng ching that be kiiling someone for 5 bags of rice. se moune sa yo ki fe yo rayi haitien konsa wi tande sa li gintan di. minm samuel pap janm pale konsa.

ti sousou moin dako avec ou fabie.

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Fabie Petion says...

cheng ching what ever your name you don't make any sens i'm talking about two movies that i saw you haitian are so stupid and jalous.

when are we gonna stop theses oh my gosh and an other thing i said my name Fabie petion fanm Bourdon say your name. stop personalise cheng ching hypocrite.

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Ching Cheg says...



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Fabie says...

i'm a big fan of samuel vincent i love his movie, honestly this movie beat samuel's movie with story, sound pictures.


camera choute.

eclerage is nice the sound is like hollywood movie i love it this one is not map

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Vilfranche says...

i agree with you that the movie is nice all the other quality you said are good but do you think that carlos is better than samuel vicent with only this movie, remember the traitor and map di. i'm trying to say anything negative when i mention those other movies

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Jackson says...

i recently watch this movie, i do love it i can loudly say its the best haitian movie from all i've been seeing since then. i'm not exagerated i'm just beeing honnest.

its a very good job, he has the best story line. best sound best quality pictures, so i rated it 5 stars and it is the best movie of the year. my name is Jackson from rock fam management

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Delva says...

its good better than the traitor and map di, best haitian movie ever so far i totaly agree with you the only movie we can compare with this movie is nathalie good job

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