Haiti Cinema - Watch New Videos Just Added

We have just approved a 6 new movie trailers, movie clips and documentaries on Belfim, Take a minute to browse through the Belfim video section to see what's new.

Belfim Stock Photos
Belfim Stock Photos

Amongst the new videos are two Documentaries by Guy J. Elie.

One of them, Match La Red is a pretty interesting and we recommended you watch it.

It will help you realise that, year after year, nothing has changed in Haiti.

We have millions of people willing to work hard to earn a living but they are not getting assistance they need to be more effective.

Here is the new list of videos now available on Belfim:

If you have any new movie trailers and clips, be sure to Add them to the Belfim video Database

We are constantly trying to update the site to make it better and easier to navigate. as new updates become available we will let you know.

Stay tuned to Belfim for more info about the Haitian movie industry

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