Michael L Brea, Actor, Entrepreneur, and Haitian-American

I wanted to introduce to you Michael L Brea, a young Haitian-American actor I just bumped into but to call him just an actor would be an insult.

Michael Brea
Michael Brea

You may have seen Michael L Brea on the hit TV Series Ugly Betty starring America Ferrera and Vanessa Williams.

Michael also stars as one of the dancers in the upcoming Hollywood movie Step Up 3-D.

If you've ever eaten at a Subway Restaurant in Brooklyn, New York, the one on 1709 Broadway, then you've been to a Restaurant owned my Michael L Brea because he is also an entrepreneur.

Michael L Brea is well known for giving away FREE turkey sandwiches on Thanksgiving. His Haitian mother, Yanick, thought him a thing or two about giving...

Perhaps you've seen him on a poster or a billboard for the Coca Cola Full Throttle Energy Drink.

Speaking of energy drink...

I don't know if Coca Cola's Full Throttle Energy Drink is the same as FLANM in Haiti but I do know that FLANM, the Energy Drink in Haiti, is a Coca Cola product

The last time I spoke to Michael Brea he was in Spain. L-ap jere biznis li...

I don't know if Michael has enough "BULLS" to run with the bulls in Spain... I sure don't...

Michael L Brea was born in New York City to Haitian parents, Marcel and Yanick Brea, and he is very proud of his Haitian heritage... e poukwa pa?

Michael says:

"Growing up, my father used to tell me these great stories about Haiti and how we gained our independence in 1804. I am fascinated and proud to be Haitian-American. Which is the reason why I made it into film! I want my fellow American brothers and sisters to know the history of Haiti. I want to report the history of both worlds (Haiti and America) through film." (read more)

Michael L Brea wants to make a big name for himself in Hollywood and all I can say to him is...

May the force be with you, my man...

You can read Micheal Brea's full Biography here.

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Joshua I honestly don't understand the comment of most people here. Why would anyone feel sorry... see more
Reply · November 26 at 10:35 AM
Marc Oh, Michael is special alright. A real entrepreneur. Not only a great actor and cook... see more
Reply · November 26 at 10:27 AM
Cusanus Pray for Michael Brea and his mother and family. Seriously, Jesus is very, very real... see more
Reply · November 25 at 6:04 PM
One Love we should all hope he gets the help he needs this is a young man that has never been in... see more
Reply · November 25 at 5:18 PM
One Love lets not judge a fellow human being, who says one sin is bigger than the next lets pray... see more
Reply · November 25 at 4:58 PM
Poop I think mental illness is no excuse. When it comes to a tragedy like this my hat is off... see more
Reply · November 24 at 6:06 PM
Elenara Too much pity shown...For the WRONG person. Imagine the horror of his poor mother at her... see more
Reply · November 24 at 11:37 AM
Mary Speaking from a nurse perspective...mental illness can strike anyone at anytime, at any... see more
Reply · November 24 at 9:53 AM
Cvamom This is so sad. What a handsome young man he is......and apparently talented and smart... see more
Reply · November 24 at 7:54 AM
Douma You people are idiots. This guy should be locked up for life, mental illness or not.... see more
Reply · November 23 at 11:28 PM
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