Michael L Brea, Actor, Entrepreneur, and Haitian-American

I wanted to introduce to you Michael L Brea, a young Haitian-American actor I just bumped into but to call him just an actor would be an insult.


Michael Brea

You may have seen Michael L Brea on the hit TV Series Ugly Betty starring America Ferrera and Vanessa Williams.

Michael also stars as one of the dancers in the upcoming Hollywood movie Step Up 3-D.

If you've ever eaten at a Subway Restaurant in Brooklyn, New York, the one on 1709 Broadway, then you've been to a Restaurant owned my Michael L Brea because he is also an entrepreneur.

Michael L Brea is well known for giving away FREE turkey sandwiches on Thanksgiving. His Haitian mother, Yanick, thought him a thing or two about giving...

Perhaps you've seen him on a poster or a billboard for the Coca Cola Full Throttle Energy Drink.

Speaking of energy drink...

I don't know if Coca Cola's Full Throttle Energy Drink is the same as FLANM in Haiti but I do know that FLANM, the Energy Drink in Haiti, is a Coca Cola product

The last time I spoke to Michael Brea he was in Spain. L-ap jere biznis li...

I don't know if Michael has enough "BULLS" to run with the bulls in Spain... I sure don't...

Michael L Brea was born in New York City to Haitian parents, Marcel and Yanick Brea, and he is very proud of his Haitian heritage... e poukwa pa?

Michael says:

"Growing up, my father used to tell me these great stories about Haiti and how we gained our independence in 1804. I am fascinated and proud to be Haitian-American. Which is the reason why I made it into film! I want my fellow American brothers and sisters to know the history of Haiti. I want to report the history of both worlds (Haiti and America) through film." (read more)

Michael L Brea wants to make a big name for himself in Hollywood and all I can say to him is...

May the force be with you, my man...

You can read Micheal Brea's full Biography here.

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Joshua says...

I honestly don't understand the comment of most people here. Why would anyone feel sorry for HIM. For Peet's sake. What is wrong with you people.

The guy is a lunatic.

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Marc says...

Oh, Michael is special alright.

A real entrepreneur.

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Cusanus says...

Pray for Michael Brea and his mother and family.

Seriously, Jesus is very, very real. This nice young Christian man was attending Masonic initiation rites, my opinion is that he indeed became demon possessed there.

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One Love says...

we should all hope he gets the help he needs this is a young man that has never been in any type of trouble, was doing well for himself
we just dont know what went wrong, i really feel it for him and his family, i just pray to God he finds peace, and pray his family can forgive him that his brother will still love him and his aunt and friends will stand by him, and that God will protect him, and the state will not rail road him

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One Love says...

lets not judge a fellow human being, who says one sin is bigger than the next lets pray for this man and the soul of his mother, lets pray
for his family who is left without a sister.

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Poop says...

I think mental illness is no excuse.

When it comes to a tragedy like this my hat is off. One day it will all be behind us and we'll know the truth.

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Elenara says...

Too much pity shown...For the WRONG person.

Imagine the horror of his poor mother at her last moments.

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Mary says...

Speaking from a nurse perspective...mental illness can strike anyone at anytime, at any moment.

Stress often triggers these chemical imbalances...and it can also have to do with any anti-depressants someone was taken, or lack thereof.

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Cvamom says...

This is so sad. What a handsome young man he is....and apparently talented and smart too. It is a shame that this tragedy has happened.

Definitely some mental issues going on here. I hope he can get the help he needs.

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Douma says...

You people are idiots.

This guy should be locked up for life, mental illness or not..

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