Haitian Actors In Shock by the Death Of Comedian TONTON NORD

The news is spreading fast amongst all the Haitian actors about the death of actor and comedian Johnny Fleurinord aka Tonton Nord.

Johnny Fleurinord Alias Tonton Nord
Johnny Fleurinord Alias Tonton Nord

So far belfim.com has spoken to many actors who all seem to greet us with the sad news:

"Tonton Nord mouri wi..." they say in disbelief

Hardest hit amongst the actors and filmmakers is Wadlene Joseph, aka Ms. Carole, she who took a chance with Tonton Nord in the comedic Haitian Christian movie 'Ti Fi Paste-a.'

No matter what you hear about your Haitian actors, know this...

They are a band of brothers who all love what they do. When one goes down, they all feel the pain.

Filmmaker Godnel Latus, aka Babylove heard the news on the road from Chicago. "Catalog (Desmas Duclair) told me", the filmmaker told Belfim

Mora Junior Etienne was the first to call us to tell us about the death of Tonton Nord... If you know Mora, you will know how distraught he is...

Cedelaine Mauricette, who also made her debut as an actress in a Ms. Carole film starring Tonton Nord is devastated by the news.

They all agree, Johnny Fleurinord, was a shy man who found comfort in being on stage playing his alter ego, Tonton Nord Vouppoupe!

Our phone is still ringing non stop as more and more actors from Bellywood are waking up to the news that "one of us is missing".

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Belle Creole Very sad news...RIP...for god give and take...to God be the Glory..
Reply · August 01 at 4:03 AM
Valinko Nous presentons nos sinceres condoleances a tous les parents et allies affectes par ce... see more
Reply · July 29 at 3:00 PM
Thelor Alias Toutou Sa fem mal anpil mwen sonje se Tonton Nord ki te fem monte sou stage an 2002 kom komedyen.
Reply · July 28 at 11:02 PM
Carlo Saint Elot Rob, i feel you my brother we all feel the pain deep down our heart i was so shock when... see more
Reply · July 28 at 9:27 PM
Roberson Douge who would have thought that TonNord would be gone so soon! This man was to me a friend... see more
Reply · July 28 at 7:33 PM
Watson Pasteur je ne peux pas y croire,nous voulions une confirmation de la part de la famille de notre... see more
Reply · July 28 at 3:24 PM
Firstlady how did he passed? i loved his movies, i watched his movies everyday with my family.... see more
Reply · July 28 at 1:41 PM

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