Who would have thought that TonNord would be gone so soon...

Roberson Douge - July 28 2011, 7:33 PM

who would have thought that TonNord would be gone so soon! This man was to me a friend and superb comedian.

I remember when I was on on the set with him shooting "tifi paste-a", I just couldn't help it but bust out laughing at everything that he was doing or saying! this man was just too much! every day that we were on set, i laughed so hard that I would go back home with my stomach hurting.

It is sad to see a man of such great talent leaving so soon, at such early age, and with so much dreams to accomplish.

My deepest condolences and regrets go out to TonNord's family, relatives, friends, and fans. We will all miss you. and it is with a broken heart, tears and pain that I receive the sad news. And to all that is reading this, let this be a wake up call to all of us! knowing that we don't have control over our lives, but only God does. We make plans for tomorrow, but tomorrow does not belong to us. Let us live every day of our lives as if it is our last. Let's give what remains of our lives to Christ Jesus.

Because once you live this earth, it's either Hell or Heaven.

Don't settle for Hell. TonNord, rest in peace my dear friend...

God knows you will be missed, but not forgotten.

You have brought laughter and joy in the heart of so many people.


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Rob, i feel you my brother we all feel the pain deep...

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