Fritz Buissereth

Fritz Buissereth Biography

Fritz Buissereth was born in Cote De Fer, began his acting career by starring in Miami En Action produced by Guy Pierre Charles.

Fritz Buissereth played the lead actors (Hubermann Saintil) best friend.This led him to landing role on a sitcom he co-produced with Guy Elie called Senkant Senkant.

Fritz also wrote and performed in all three Senkant Senkant sitcoms. Senkant Senkant was aired weekly on HTN (Haitian Television Network) in Miami, Florida. It was one of the hotest shows in the haitian commutniy in Miami.

Aside from writing, acting and producing for Senkant Senkant, Fritz hosted Zouk Night in Hollywood, Florida, where he promote Zouk performers including Jim Rama, Patrick Andrey, Eric Virgal, Leila Chicot, and Darius Denon.

Currently, you may find Fritz portraying Rodrigue and Pouchon on Senkant Senkant Part 2 sitcom. You may also catch Fritz in upcoming producer Samuel's film, Temptation and Imprevue by producer Jean R. Galumette. Fritz currently lives in Miami with his beautiful daughter and is busy fielding various film and TV projects.


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