Ralph Figaro

Ralph Figaro Biography

Born and raised in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, I moved to NYC with my father in 1989. I spent most of my time reading and writing poetry and short stories.

As a child, I had an exceptional talent for writing and a brilliant imagination, as do most children so I caught the attention of my 6th grade teacher, who promised if I kept writing, I'd become a famous writer/ director some day.

This promise has been embeded in my mind eversince, as the teacher's words would later prove to be "spoken prophecy!"

2 decades later, I am an established writer and accomplished filmmaker with 2 Independent films under my belt, and a third film on the way entitled: "THE LAST HOUSE" While in production, the film is creating a buzz all over New York City this Summer and will be released in July!

I have yet another project in the works, which I won't get into but is in development and promise will bring Hollywood to it knees so stay tuned!

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