Jacques Pierre Louis

Jacques Pierre Louis Biography

Jacques Pierre-Louis was born an Port-au-Prince Haiti on september 65. He grew up in Delmas 75 and later relocated to thomassin 45.

Jacques Pierre-Louis left haiti and moved to Florida at the age of 16 with his parents.

Shortly after High school Jacques Pierre-Louis joined the US Army. After his military career Jacques Pierre-Louis went to truman College in chicago and earned a degre in business health management.

Jacques Pierre-Louis moved back to Florida and met Lesly Charles at Florida Art institute.

Lesly was majoring in cinematography and Jacques was taking drama.

right after Lesly Charles graduated Jacques Pierre-Louis made his first film, Love Games, and Jacques play his first major roll as a lead actor, the chief of police.

in their second film together, Life Deception, Lesy is the Director / Producer, and Jacques is the Co-Producer, Actor, and Casting director

Jacques Pierre-Louis is now attending Phoenix University.

Bio submited by Jacques's sister Josie PL. leonce, "I am his sister and I am very proud of him", Edited by woodring Saint Preux.

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