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Tetchena Bellange Biography

Ever since Tetchena wowed fans and critics alike with the Boys III (one of the box-office smash hits in Canada), she's been steadily building a career of impressive range and versatility.

In 2003, Tetchena Bellange landed a principal role opposite Dennis Quaid in the upcoming 2004 summer release tomorrow.

This action flick depicts the devastating effects of global warming on Earth. A few years ago, you could see Tetchena in Stardom, by famous moviemaker Denis Arcand, who won two prestigious prizes at this year's Cannes film festival, with his movie "Barbarian invasions".

Born and raised in Montreal, Tetchena Bellange started off her career as a classical dancer. After studying ballet for ten years at the School of classical ballet of Montreal, she continued her training under a series of distinguished teachers.

Tetchena Bellange danced for Les Ballets Classiques de Montreal, before getting involved for three years with one of the largest troupe of musicals in Montreal, as a dancer and choreographer. But her dream of having a dance career shattered due to an ankle injury.

While in college, she joined a theatre group, where she discovered acting. It became her passion.

Tetchena Bellange got a bachelor degree in fine arts. She also studied with prominent acting teachers such as Warren Robertson (who coached top actors Viggo Mortensen from Lord of the Rings and Andie Macdowell), and Ivana Chubbuck's protege Benson Simmons.

Today, one Canadian top broadcasters, SRC, keeps on requesting Tetchena for its drama series and sitcoms. Tetchena's credits include BUNKER (TV series about the world of politics), HEIST (feature about a bank robery) and BLOWN-UP DOLLS (film about pharmaceutical testing).

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