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Hubermann Saintil Biography

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a Movie Star? Hubermann Saintil fulfilled that dream. On November 8th, 2008, he became one of the most famous Haitian actors, this wasn't the only time, however, that Hubermann realized his dreams.

Hubermann Saintil was born on August 26, 1973, in Leogane Haiti. He grew up in Port De Paix.

Hubermann graduated High School at age 12 in Haiti.

Growing up, Hubermann Saintil was always the funniest student at the school and his neighborhood.

After graduating High School, Hubermann went attended College Mixte Lesly Docter.

There weren't many young male role models while Hubermann Saintil was growing up, but he didn't let that stop him from achieving his goals.

He was especially interested in Art and Drama. Luckily his parents encouraged those interests. That encouragement drove him to excel.

At age of 18, Summer vacation 1991, Hubermann moved to the United States.

After earning his G.E.D. Hubermann went to Miami Dade Community College where he spent a year there taking drama classes.

In 1993, Hubermann Saintil moved to Orlando Florida where he attended Valencia Community College, continuing to take Drama and Art classes.

Life was tough for Hubermann in Orlando, so tough that he didn't have a chance to graduate. Instead, he moved back to Haiti late 1995.

Upon his arival back in Haiti, Hubermann Saintil was hospitalized; he had to have an Ulcer operation in Haiti.

Later, Hubermann left Haiti and went to Boston to visit his Godmother, Rosette Armand. On his way back, through Florida, the most magical thing happened. He met with famous Haitian comedian Fernel Valcourt a.k.a Jesifra Lestomak and they had a great conversation.

From there, after a good talk, Hubermann Saintil went on tour with Fernel Valcourt for a month.

Fernel Valcourt really liked his performances and Hubermann Saintil continued working with Fernel Valcourt for another two years.

Hubermann Saintil's first appeared in a play with Jesifra named "Bourik La Bouke".

He played a two roles in that play including the role of young lady named "Tijocelyne."

Bourik La Bouke was a success. After that, no obstacle was too great for Hubermann to overcome!

Hubermann's accomplishments did not end there.

In 2002, he started playing in Haitian movies. In 2006, however, Hubermann realized his biggest dream.He finally became one of the most recognized Actor/comedian on the Haitian scene.

Hubermann Saintil has been in many movies such as "Miami En Action", "Pikliz #1", "Pikliz #2", "L'imprevue", "Gran-n Mia", "Puisans Bondye", "Les Voleurs", "The Green Card", "En Realite", "Deux Freres Intellingent", "Jaloufou", "Resultat", "L'inattendu", "Le Peche Et Le Pardon", and now for the summer, he is going to be working on his next project, "Zanmi".

Hubermann Saintil works with great Haitian filmmakers like Jean Gardy Bien-Aime, Samuel Vincent, Raynald Delerme, Luphete F. Valcourt, Jean Michel Galumette and many more.

Hubermann Saintil is a father of two children: a boy, Vladimyr Marquis Lubin and his wonderful daughter, Carya Ashley Saintil.

Today he encourages young people, males and females to stay off the streets and stay in school.

His life example teaches us to follow our dreams, no matter what obstacles may come your way!

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