Wadelene Joseph

Wadelene Joseph Biography

Wadelene Joseph aka. Ms. Carole was born in April 17 in a small town in Haiti, on the outskirts of the city; Gonaives .

mother and father have six children. She is the only daughter of the family. Living with five brothers taught her to be resilient, independent and self-sufficient. Leaving Haiti in July 1998, she now lives in Coral Springs, with her father and one brother.

The rest of her family remains in Haiti she graduated High School at " Whiddon -Rogers Education Center " in Ft. Lauderdale. She went to Los Angeles City College , but dropped out within a month.

She came back to Florida where she attended Broward Community College for a year. In 2002, she attended West Broward School of Nursing; completing the Patient Care Technician Program.

She also attended the "Acting Class" at National Career Development and "Acting like Crazy Class" by T.H. Entertainment.

She always dreamed of being in the spotlight. At the age of twelve, she was voted the best looking girl in Gonaives , which resulted in her being the Queen of the Presidential Carnival for three days in Haiti . She was later a back-up singer for a local group name " Eclosion ". In 1994, she founded her own dancing group the "Ten Ten Dances". Her dream finally came true in 1996 when she had the lead role in the movie "KE-M CHAVIRE (My Heart Turns Upside Down)" which did not make it to the big screen.

She won Miss Vice 2001 in Miami , Florida . The "Vice Beauty Pageant", was organized by Sakapfet.com and Noel/ Cecibon for the Haitian band "T-vice". In 2002, she was on the TV Show " Soul City " produced by T.H Entertainment. She was also Background Extra on Bad Boy II for Twelve days featuring "Will Smith and Martin Lawrence" and for Fast and Furious II, for two days. She did a commercial for Moronne Toyota.

She had her own radio show emanating from Broward County for over two years. In September 2004, she left the radio show to start her own TV show. She owns, produces, and hosts her weekly TV show " Kompa in Action", which first airs on Comcast Cable Channel 76 and 49 in Broward County September 2 nd , 2004. She is working hard to give the show maximum exposures, planning to expand the show to Palm Beach and Dade counties. Since April, 2002, she periodically promotes parties featuring well known Haitian bands, such as Tropicana D'Haiti , ZIN, Carimi , D- zine , HANGOUT, Groov'la etc.

She has been called, "The Haitian Oprah without the money" within the Haitian community for the help she gives to the Haitian community. Her radio and TV shows have made her well known, so that many listeners turn to her for help. She always responds and does whatever she can. She not only writes her own TV show, she has also written two plays, which she is marketing.

Ms. Carole is the kind of person who never takes "no" for an answer. She believes that she can do and be anything that she wants to be. When everyone talks about failure, she talks about success. She was about to start her TV show in 2002. She went around and asked for advices about the idea of having her own TV show, everyone was negative. In September 2004, she decided to have the show despite the "nay- sayers ". The show has been a success. She gets a lot of compliments and some constructive criticisms about the show. She appreciates all of the comments and suggestions

She is now editing her own show thanks to a friend who taught her the editing program. She now has all the equipment to better edit the show and to be in a position to help others edit shows, she recently enrolled in the Broadcasting Program (TV, Radio, and Video production) full-time at the Art Institutes in Ft. Lauderdale .

Miss Carole is multi-talented with experience in modeling, acting, writing, producing, promoting and hosting radio and TV show. She is a full time college student at night and a full time Patient Care Technician Worker during the day.

She is outspoken, caring and has the ability to communicate with people. Her philosophy can best be summed up with the following: "Why think about what you can do tomorrow? Just think about what you can do today, to make your life or someone else's life better. Why wait for tomorrow? It is all about today."

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