Kenderlate I am with you on Se Lavi

Vladimir - April 16 2007, 2:07 AM

First of all, I'd like to say that in our community there is so much mediocrety that sometimes the good stuff goes unnotice.

if you watch this behind the scene and watch any big network you'd see no diference and that is exactly what we need in our community.

Like you said in your post Kenderlate when a foreigner is watching a movie, there shouldn't be a difference except for maybe content.

even though there is a lot of post on this site talking about how good this movie or that movie is, I can count on one hand how many good movies there are on this website.

I know that the site owner has to put whatever on just to make some money, but please keep finding these great haitian movies and put them in front of this audience's eyes so they can see that we have talented people in our community.

I do think that the se lavi behind the scene is a very good example of that, so thank you for

I don't have a problem with anyone who make a bad movie, but I think if we don't encourage the ones who are doing a good job the industry will stay the same.

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"Se Lavi" first of all the name said it all...

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