Se Lavi Behind The Scene

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Watch the Se Lavi Behind The Scene video, Tele Lakay talk with the cast and crew of one of the best and most talked about haitian movie Se Lavi

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Joseph says...

if anyone is ever going to do an interview or a behind the scene about a movie please take a look at this one first cause I've seen a few of them on the website and this is how it should be

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Vladimir says...

First of all, I'd like to say that in our community there is so much mediocrety that sometimes the good stuff goes unnotice.

if you watch this behind the scene and watch any big network you'd see no diference and that is exactly what we need in our community.

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Alfred says...

Yeah, I like dat. le'lll bon, di'l bon.

that's some clean job, very well done


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Jean says...

Very well done! you guys did a good job. that's what I want to see more in our industry, keep it

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Joseph says...

It's going to take more than one person or one group to bring the haitian cinema to the next level and yes the Se Lavi staff has definately starts the process and now we just need more people like them to get on board and you as well. I am also glad to see that people can recognize quality stuff when they see it because there is a lot of stuff that I heard people are talking about that is not really a good representation of our talent as a people.

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Kenderlate Arthus says...

"Se Lavi" first of all the name said it all. Congratulation everyone.

Well done guys; we did great.

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Leon says...

After, I saw this behind the scene I thought wow, we're making a lot of progress, but I didn't see much talk about it on this website.

I was thinking maybe people don't see what I see, cause this is on a different level.

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A Fan says...

The Production of Se Lavi is the first Haitian movie production to put out a behind the scenes video.

They did it well and they did it right.

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Micheline says...

I saw the behind the scene also and was very impressed and yes alot of people here on this website can learn from this. I've seen a few of behind the scene on this website and this one is the first one that really got my attention.

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Modler Jeancharles says...

im actually a producer in the making.

and this was exactly what i ever dreamed of. making my own haitian tv show. so great job. can't wait to see it and learn a little bit from

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