Hey, Ralph. I'm a Filmmaker from Full Sail University. And i...

Reggie Cherubin - August 6 2011, 7:24 AM

Hey, Ralph.

I'm a Filmmaker from Full Sail University.

And i read everyone's comments to you, and they all make sense.

However, settling this now won't get you as much money as you could possibly make in the future.

So my suggestion is to wait for the movie to be released, and within a year of its worldwide success and grossing, you can then sue them, where the court will determine how much you will get based on revenue.

That's how the female writer for both The Terminator series and Matrix Trilogy settled for $1.4 Billion.

The highest settlement ever recorded in history in that matter.

Because those stories were inspired from her books.

Oh yeah, by the way, she was Black...Again, the decision is ultimately yours, whether you wanna do this now or later.

However, you can email me or look me up on facebook under reggie816 at gmail.com for a few great lawyers' info. Good luck!

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