Matlot 2 sets the bar higher, and it has exemplified...

Patrick Takeover - September 30 2009, 12:11 PM

Matlot 2 sets the bar higher, and it has exemplified outstanding creativity in its content.From the Turcs and caicos Island to U.S.A.,the shot heard around the world.It's a stunning movie with dramas that will knock your socks off. On december 13th, 2009,will be the grande premiere of the movie matlot at North Maimi Beach Performing Art Center in north Miami Beach Fl.
For more info, please call Baby love at 786-487-9699.

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Matlot 2 Movie Trailer

Watch the Matlot 2 movie preview, a new film by Godnel Latus aka Baby Love starring Starring Marie Lyne Dorcely...

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