hey it;s about frantzdesign's last time

Michel - September 30 2009, 2:03 PM

do you remember me no i guess but you will remembr or pick up your phone when i will put nice thing for you on the website.

dont think that i m going to be good to you because cause of you i cant go home i can;t live so man be a little bit human ..

try to understand that when you give wrong word to people this can happen to you ..

i invite you all to go on www.frantzdesigntv.com in 2 days here you will have to make any request of anymovie you want ..

not haitian you know but it;s gonna be hot thing you will never believe ...

when you ll see it try to call frantz design at 305-481-4210 and tell him to pay the webmaster or i will do more ...

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