What is sucks with the first paragraph? You Haitian, anything...

J. Desnoyers-colas - May 31 2009, 10:37 AM

What is sucks with the first paragraph?

You Haitian, anything you try to do for your country, You always poor dummiesor dummkopfs expecting something back, money, famous, women and Political favours.

The man leaves his country and his life style because he get a call to help our brothers and sisters.

Instead to say thanks, No, we start to critisize him. We don't like first paragraph.

The man have humility, everyone know Anderson University is one of the best in broadcasting.

That's why our dear country is in these pities situations because we, Haitians we know more than everyone else and we don't know nothing and we don't appreciate nothing even between us. 98% of us are POOR LEVEL or DYSLEXIC.It's time to stop.

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Dont be ignorant, the key word here is "missionary"...

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