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Felix - June 10 2007, 2:44 PM

Hey Jerry wassup?

My name is Felix and I'm from Germany.

About a year ago I really didn't know who you are.
But when I heard all the nice songs your cousin Wyclef had made with other people (for exsample: "Maria Maria" with santana and the product G&B or "I apologize" from Lionel) I always heard your name in the background.

And I wondered who this guy was. So I tiped in your name to search something in the internet, and I didn't find a lot, but a little bit.
I only can say that these songs you produced in the past are !!!
And I woud really like to meet you maybe anytime.

I don't know if or how far you read these comments here but if you do and you got a little time you cold write back.

Thanks Jerry for that and for the music you bring to the people in this world.

I really like it and...

...KEEP ON DOING THAT!!!! (sorry for shouting, but I had to ☺)

P.S. you play the bass-guitar, don't you. I'm gonna start playing guitar too. I hope anytime like Carlos, but....

Bye Jerry! and maybe cu!

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