Bal Rouj movie trailer

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Titles: Bal Rouj

Teaser for Bal Rouj featuring Junior Metellus and directed by Steve Halloun. Coming soon.

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Dr.bone says...

depi fim yo pa bon yo toujou ap vle soti yo. grimas wi gen pou

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Abraham says...

Why make the movie if you will not release it on DVD?

What makes you think there will be no more piracy in 10 years if you are not fighting them

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Josh Byron says...

Oh, umm..the director doesn't want to release it in DVD yet because of piracy and stuff, so, he says he will wait (maybe even 10 years) to finally release it on

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Josh Byron says...

I live in Haiti, and the director's sister is my teacher and his brother is in my

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Josh says...

with topics like dolorers, kerby and many more nonsense.

belfim does not support good movie, nor talk about the great actors and directors in the

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Dread says...

I think junior metellus is a great actor but for some reasons his name hasn't really been metion in the hmi

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Jr says...

i have been lookin for da dvd but i can't seems to find

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Patrick Nicolas says...

this movies ita good one.good acteur, good cameraman .iam sure. i will like

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Movie Fanatic says...

anybody have any idea when dis movie will be on

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Ron Selmour says...

Judging solely from the preview, i'd say BalRouj has outdone itself far as my expectations go; in the context of an Indie Prod. I was taken aback by the power of suggesgtion evoked by the short clip. One can tell alot about the story telling talent of a filmmaker by the way he/she cuts a film. I'll be on the look out for this one for

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