belfim is part of the industry chaos

Josh - September 25 2008, 10:34 AM

with topics like dolorers, kerby and many more nonsense.

belfim does not support good movie, nor talk about the great actors and directors in the hmi.
have you ever seen a discussion about BAL ROUJ, JUNIOR METELLUS A GREAT ACTOR.

movies like PLUIE DESPOIR, actors like reginald lubin marc delerme jessica geneus or smoy noisy and many more great actors and director.its seems like the peo[le that working to boost the hmi are never mantion on belfim.

no no no nothing but stupid topics, like kerby and dolores who are they and tell me something descent they've done. belfim and its owners just prove themselves to us. that from the layout of their page, to their topics that it's a 100 percent kokorat.

Response to:

I think junior metellus is a great actor but for some...

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Bal Rouj movie trailer

Teaser for Bal Rouj featuring Junior Metellus and directed by Steve Halloun. Coming soon.

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