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Here you will find a list of Haitian movie previews, Hollywood movie previews and other international movie previews featuring haitian actors.

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The Price Of Sugar Movie Trailer The Price Of Sugar Movie Trailer
17,875 views • 3 Comments
See the trailer of doccumentary THE PRICE OF SUGAR and get a glimpse of how Haitians are emslaved in the dominican...
Bal Rouj movie trailer Bal Rouj movie trailer
16,303 views • 11 Comments
Teaser for Bal Rouj featuring Junior Metellus and directed by Steve Halloun. Coming soon.
Ambiance Scolaire Premiere Trailer Ambiance Scolaire Premiere Trailer
En Haiti, dans les salons comme dans les ecoles, il ne fait aucun doute que la sexualite reste un sujet tabou
Fo Mamit Movie Trailer Fo Mamit Movie Trailer
Starring Pe Gigit, Fabiola Sampeur, Alex Calixte, Tatiana Cozart, Matine Joseph.
Oasis Haiti Trailer Oasis Haiti Trailer
Oasis: A L'affiche En Haiti A L'imperial Et Au Capitol En Janvier 2008. Oasis un flim de Francette Agnant starring...
Division Movie Trailer Division Movie Trailer
55,725 views • 19 Comments
Watch the trailer Haitian movie DIVISION, a new film directed by Jean Gardy Bien Aime, Produced by Anrino Destinoble...
Konsyans Koupab Movie Trailer Konsyans Koupab Movie Trailer
20,812 views • 11 Comments
A young Miami party girl got kicked out of her parents' home then moved to Orlando, FL. Where she helped a detective...