Dyab Baba Movie Clip - T Delerme & Esther Precival

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Titles: Dyab Baba

Watch the Dyab Baba Movie Clip - T Delerme and Esther Precival, Dyab Baba T Delerme Watch T Delerme in action in the new movie by Raynald Delerme DYAB BABA Grand Premiere in Miami Sunday October 18 7PM Go toFrom rdelerme Views 36 0 ratings Time 01 34 More in Film Animation

Tags: marc anthony delerme, Esther Precival, Haitian movie Clips

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Bomino says...

I meant Why did I only get the first part of the movie?


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Bomino says...

Dear Mr Delerme,
I downloaded your movie from HAAF ( Haitian American Association of Filmakers) for 4.99 and It says a suivre but on the trailer I saw that they are showing the entire movie.

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Subject: Dyab Baba Movie Clip - T Delerme & Esther Precival edit

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