The Saint Preux Brothers, From Hinche to Belliwood! you know that I, Woodring Saint Preux, made a small guest apearance in a Haitian movie?

Woodring & Edwidge Saint Preux
Woodring & Edwidge Saint Preux

Yes I did!

Which movie?

Drum roll please!...

The movie name is...

"Ti Fi Pastè a #2"

If you bought the DVD, pop it in your DVD Player and watch the begining scenes again, after the Graduation.

The guy behind Pastè Nord and her daughter going down the stairs is "MOI".

Don't have the DVD? Go buy it!

Does that make me a Star? (Hi, My name is Woodring Saint Preux, leave me a message!) maybe not!

Question: Should I be acting in Haitian movies?

I have been saying NO to movie roles for a few years now... but this year... I am not so sure if I want to say NO anymore... Dayè, Ed Lozama pi timid pase-m, and he did pretty good in Player 1/2.

Hi Ed! :)

So to all my belfim fans, don't be surprised if Woodring (or another Saint Preux) begins to show up on your TV screens. Nou mele!

Hollywood has the Wayan Brothers, Belliwood may just see the birth of the Saint Preux Brothers... After all, I do have a lot of them!

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Kaymar woodring is one in the #1 hatian who is working hard for haiti and i think we need... see more
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