New Haitian Movie - Far From Home / Lwen Lakay - Coming to DVD

I just discovered a Brand new Haitian movie coming so DVD made in Philadelphia, I believe this is the first from Philly. movie is "Far From Home / Lwen Lakay", is a story about Haitians who live outside of their country.

Some of these Haitian are very happy to be here - far from home - and do not want to hear about Haiti anymore.

Other Haitian are nostalgic, everyday wherever they are here, far from home, they see this land called Haiti and they can not wait to go back home. movie is produced by Antoine Rock an Alumni of Lycee Toussaint Louverture in Haiti who, besides his career in accounting both in Haiti and the United States, Antoine Rock decided to pursue a new career in filmmaking because as he put it in French, "je suis convaincu, le cinema reste et demeure le moyen le plus sur pour eduquer et changer le visage d'Haiti tant sur le plan national qu'international"

Far From Home / Lwen Lakay is coming soon to DVD and Belfim will definitely keep you posted.

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Subject: New Haitian Movie - Far From Home / Lwen Lakay - Coming to DVD edit

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