DEPORTED - Haitian film series screens in South Florida

Before Rachèle Magloire set out to document the lives of deportees on Haiti's chaotic streets, the Haiti-born filmmaker, like many others, believed they were the culprits behind nearly every violent act that happened in the country.

Rachele Magloire filming her movie DEPORTED in Haiti

Titles: Deported

"I had friends who had been kidnapped or killed, and would say, 'It was a deportee who had done it,'" she said. "But after I met them, I realized it wasn't true. We can't stereotype. We have to give them a chance. There are a lot who don't commit violent crimes."

Magloire's film, Deported, is both social commentary about the lives of deportees and criticism of the controversial 1996 U.S. anti-terrorism law that makes every immigrant with a criminal record eligible for deportation.

By showing what reality is like for those returned to Haiti, a country that many left as babies or youngsters, the film paints a gloomy picture of a policy that does an injustice to those forced to return and the country forced to accept them.

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