Rencontre Du Destin

Rencontre Du Destin - Plot Summary

When young physician, Dr. Pete Anderson (James W. SaintPreux) was assigned to leave the United States to go to Cayes, Haiti to tutor a small group of physicians and nurses (Sandra Gaspard, Ralph Delva, Peterson Blaise...) from a local hospital after they have received a large endowment of medical equipments. Angie Charles (Diane Province) his fiancée opposed to the idea of him leaving the country. Pete, regardless of Angie's position went to Haiti to perform his obligation as a humanitarian where he coincidently met Lori Paul (Sandra Gaspard) several times not knowing that they were set to work together. On the other hand, Dr. Patrick Telfort (Ralph Delva) is unquestionably in love with Lori and grew very angry as he noticed that Lori and Pete are drawing closer day by day. He must do whatever it takes to break them apart even if it means pulling off the dirtiest trick. Is destiny strong enough to stand against Patrick's plan? Or can Patrick create his own destiny?

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