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Stars: and Dolores Jeremie
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RE: L'Amour et L'Amitie RE: L'Amour et L'Amitie
This movie tells a great story and maybe a true story in many peoples lives. I love this movie because the men look great especially Marc Anthony...

RE: Desma Duclair RE: Desma Duclair
Christopher you are correct, but If your doing a Haitian movie in America you must also tell the story accurately. your main characters are Haitian...

RE: Marie Michelle Desrosiers RE: Marie Michelle Desrosiers
Beautiful. Sister, let s continuos, congratulations.

RE: African movie star Van Vicker visits Haiti RE: African movie star Van Vicker visits Haiti
that's great, Van Vicker is my best nolly actors

RE: Lavi Nan Etazini
I love this movie so much, the actors are very talented. I am looking for#1 and #3, please let me know where I can purchase the DVD. Thanks Marie