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Tonton Bicha ... Tonton Bicha
Nice Simon ... Anne
Don Kato ... Don Kato
Emmanuel Pierre Antoine ...
Joseph Zenny Jr. ... Jude Dutreuil
Fresnel Larosiliere ... Pe Demeran
Elizabeth Bouchereau ... Rose
Blondedy Ferdinand ... Linda
ralph basney severe ... Babas
Ruth St Hubert ... Cleanta
Guy Joachin ... Chatelin
Dimitri Fourcand ... Inspecteur Fontaine
Marie Lucienne Laventure ... Mere de Don Kato
Gabriel Regis ... Eugline
Fabiola A. Jean Philippe ... Fernande
Carla Bochelli ... Ritchel
Kendia Adelson ... Magalie
Claris Vincent ... Nadine
Lucien Jura ... Presentateur
kwassi yacinthe ... 1er Agent SWAT
Ricardeau Pierre ... 2eme Agent SWAT
Thomas Assabath ... Manager
Gilbert Fourcand ... 1er Racketteur
stanley herisse ... 2eme Racketteur
gracia pierre ... Journaliste Reporter
emmanuel compere ... Policier Arrestation
marie odine ... Policiere
Pierrot Mervilier ...
Evens Jean ... Ami De Linda (as Evans Jean)

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