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Seduction Plot Summary

Seduction is a Romantic/Drama, full of suspense and betrayal, between two couples who used to be best friends. Feeling angry and betrayed by his best friend Gustave (Joel Ostine) who takes away his wife Alice (Nadege Andris), Bertrand manages to...

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Full Cast and Crew »
Nadege Andris ... Alice
Sherly Edme ... Ismanie
Junior Lubin ... Bertrand
Joel Ostine ... Gustave
Olguens Cherry ... Marcelin
Sandra Inellus ... Monique
Mike Dorrielan ... Jason
Nancy Ostine ... Olivia
Gladys Noelsaint ... Thasha
Joelissa Ostine ... Ashly
Sabrina Clayton ... Melissa
Maxime Val ... Antoine
Kevin Revolte ... Kacey