Bope Pa Papa

Bope Pa Papa - Plot Summary

BOPE PA PAPA is a film written and produced by actor/comedian Corvens Rosier with Kathy Leger as Isabelle, Desma Duclair A.K.A (Katalog) as Louvens, Gina Alexis as Rozana, the three main characters that play in the movie. The movie is based on real life struggles of a young lady who was living with her grandpa since she was a kid, never had a chance to meet her mom until her mother decided to take her daughter back. Rozana was happy to be reunited with her mom . Isabelle, Rozana's mother decided to change her daughter's style which intrigue Louvens her stepdad to have feelings for Rozana,but because of the way her grandpa raised her which is very Christian like, she respected everyone, and was humble as well she never understood that her stepfather liked her. Louvens is madly in love with his wife's daughter with neither of them knowing. The question is how will Isabelle takes it when she founds out?

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