Desmas Duclair

Desmas Duclair Biography

Desma Duclair aka "Katalog" was born on April 19, 1978 in Au Cayes Port Salut to Mr. Destin Duclair and Mrs. Wainitte Duclair. Mr. Duclair has 1 brother and 2 sisters.

He immediately started his dream as soon as he came to the United States in 2007 when he cast as "Val" in "Remo 1-3".

After "Remo 1-3", Mr. Duclair continued his dream of becoming the best of the best in "En Realite", "Un Plaisir Mortel 1 & 2", "Dezobeyisans", "Lwa Gatel", "Gro Siwo", "Pa leve men sou li", "Van Vire", "LaLa", and "Si m te konnen". In 2008, Mr. Duclair won "Best Actor Award" for "Un Plaisir Mortel".

Mr. Duclair is married to the love of his life Nahomie Saul Duclair and together they produced a bundle of joy and named him Desma Catalog Duclair Jr. In his free time or whenever he is not on set, Mr. Duclair enjoys spending time with his family and friends, going to the gym, relaxing and keeping up with his fans on Facebook.

His role model and inspiration is Jean Claude Van Dam. To prepare for a movie, Mr. Duclair involves himself in a series of self-motivational sessions of calmness and focus on the movie/project at hand.

His advice to all who would like to become an actor/actress or get into the Haitian Movie business is to be patient, have courage and believe in yourself!!

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