ThanksGiving poko rive pou Player 12?

Chacha - December 14 2006, 9:34 AM

In Wich State did this Player 1/2 movie came out on DVD for ThanksGiving?

I've been checking stores in the FL area none of them carry it, and i've been checking this website for an announcements nothing.

I don't know did i miss something is it possibly sold out?

What happen to this?

Monday, October 02
"Haitian film producer Herold Israel promises to release his new movie Player 1/2 this coming Thanksgiving; perfect timing for the holidays."

34;Unlike many other Haitian movies that take too long before they are released on DVD, Haitian movie producer Herold Israel made an astonishing announcement during the pre-screening of his hot new Film Player 1/2 at the North Miami performing arts theatre on September 30th."

Keep your word if you know there's a possibility it might not happen don't make such Announcement.

Keeping the movie longer is not going to make people want to see it more if that what you are trying to do,

At least let people know what the hold up is, what happen you guys are still trying to add the other half?.

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I agree with Chacha. A release suppose to be a release and the said movie available on... more »