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Watch the Where's The Justice movie Trailer. a new movie starring Tony Delerme, Daniel Adolph, Natacha Simeon and Sahar Delerme. Coming in December.

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Allhaitianmovies.com says...

Here is the direct link to buy the movie where is the justice and many more


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Raynald Delerme says...

The movie is out on DVD but at selected stores only. As we try to fight bootleggers, we are not making harder to copy them but more difficult to sell them. When we know exactly where the originals are authorized to be sold, we can more easily track down and go after the non-authorized stores and the bootleggers.

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T. Delerme says...

If you want to order a copy of the movie go to www.wheresthejusticemovie.net. Or if you want to get it in stores just tell me where you

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Pierre says...

where is the trailer.

ki kk nap fe konsa.

si nou pa ka mete movie a deyo poukisa nou fel.se yon movie prive.lap rete nan men ou. bon li bon konsa.two konplike.

si yo vle fe copy yap toujou

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Al 4 Haiti says...

Is that guy T Delerme Baba's son or what?

The story not bad at

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Michaelle Dezan says...

I must say congrats!..

I heard you had came by my workplace last Saturday at Labadee Manoir with your dad..

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Medjine says...

I liked the movie!congratulation to T. Delerme, and he looks good too...Keep up the good

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Movie Fan says...

hey t, congrats on your new movie partner..

lightning was awesome, great picture quality...

see you at the premiere my

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Ronaldo says...

this movie looks good. its diferent from what im used to seeing.

I cant

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