Titles: Le Fils Du Diable

Names: Medgine Desir

Medgine Desir

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Le fils Du diable Actors

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Jefferson says...

nice pic u got miss n proud of u to be an actress n an

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Maggy says...

Medgine u r the best assistant i ever seen, verry respecful, verry professional, ou pa we tet ou selman, ou we pou lot tou. mwen pat konnen'w but girl i'm glad you look out 4 me ou di'm yon bagay mwen we ou pa ambition, depi yon moune ou pa ambition, god will always look out 4 u no matter what.keep it up. u r the only

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Darline says...

hey medgine it's good to see a young women as a assistant director you see anything a man can do we can do better
i'll be at the theater on the 4th and 5th see you

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