Titles: Destiny (I)

Names: John Harris Desinor

John Harris Desinor

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John Harris Desinor is the director of Destiny

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The Forensic Tech says...

Lauretta your name tells me you're a woman base on how they named us in haiti, it is so sad you can't make the difference between makeup and technology.give the producer one of your ugly picture to post on belfim you won't recognize yourself, then you will make the difference.John don't worry, believe in yourself and everything gonna be fine.GOOD

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Jenny says...

you are very talented based on your preview.

It is hot and so is your poster, can't wait for your movie to come out handsome love those

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Gangstress says...

Haters, Haters, haters you are a nobody hater! this is a real fan of detiny movie

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Lauretta Africa says...

I did'nt know guys put makeup like this, nice picture but the makeup is too much my dear, too obvious don't look good at all. But nice Preview, suck posters.kepp it

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