Vote for "Solus" on Framecast, a short film by Nadege August

I have seen the short film "Solus" on Framecast. Solus is a short film by Haitian Hollywood actress Nadege August.

You can watch the whole movie and vote for it at so go ahead, Watch the movie and cast your votes. Voting begins June 2nd.

Solus Description: For Claudine Vincent, her Haitian roots is not a source of pride, but a source of pain she cannot run from fast enough. Despite her Americanized surface, Santa Monica home and improving accent, inside she is haunted by constant fear and memories just moments from bursting through the facade.

As she finally begins to let a new friend in, it becomes increasingly more difficult to hide from her past. Eventually, she must face the history that troubles her in order to find peace and happiness in her adopted country.

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Cynthia Ladouce the point of Solus was to show how hard it is for immigrants to adapt to a new country... see more
Reply · June 07 at 3:36 AM
Martha I saw it. I wonder why so many people view haiti as such a bad place to have been born... see more
Reply · June 05 at 9:36 AM
Belfim Fan I followed the link to watch Solus. I thought it was pretty interesting. I wondering if... see more
Reply · June 05 at 12:26 AM
Nad Dejean Bad Script but Good stories Bad acting Nad Dejean says: Bad Script But Good Stories Bad... see more
Reply · June 02 at 2:45 PM

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Subject: Vote for "Solus" on Framecast, a short film by Nadege August edit

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