Lavi Nan Etazini 2, Now On DVD

New Haiti movie, Lavi Nan Etazini 2, had just been released on DVD I caught up with Haitian actor and filmmaker Jean Jacques Roney in Miami yesterday.

Lavi nan etazini 2 Promo
Lavi nan etazini 2 Promo

He is in town promoting the DVD and dropping it in every store he can find. I already got my copy, Get yours today!

If you are a DVD reseller give him a call, you will find his number on the Lavi Nan Etazini 2 movie page

Actually it is a sequel to Haitian stage play, Lavi Nan Etazini, I recommend that you watch it so that you can better understand Lavi Nan Etazini 2 (the movie).

He has a few copies of the first one with him. There are both available at Maxi Sound on West Dixie Highway, this where I met Jean Jacques Roney.

Hurry, the quantities are limited

Let me give you an idea of what you will see in Lavi Nan Etazini 2:

Charly (Jean Jacques Roney) comes to the United States with high hope and dream like every other Haitian immigrant. having no green card, Charly finds himself living with Alta (Lourse St Cyr), his cousin's wife who cannot stand him living in the house.

With so much going on in that house, Charly is definitely in Alta's way because, after all, Alta is not your typical 'Bon Fanm' (good Haitian wife).

She is cheating on Charlie's cousin, her husband Philipe (Pierre Louis Boisrond). To add pain to misery, Alta brings her new boyfriend Julien (Olguy Maxi) to live in the house with her husband and Charlie.

Se pa move lide non m-ap mete nan tet nou medam! Se istwa yon fim m-ap rakonte... OK?

Ou konnen... gen Haitien ki nan zafe lwe ti chanm kay... Alta di Mari li ke Julien se mennaj Julie (Lovely Petion), kouzinn li...

Ou Konprann?

Alò... Lè Phillipe pa la... Lokate-a pran kay la pou li!...

Nan yon ka konsa, Ou ka konprann ke prezans Charlie pa bon pou Alta.

There is so much gossip going on in that dysfunctional house that I cannot begin to list them all without giving the movie away but when you watch the trailer you will realize that:

  • Alta's husband is in jail,
  • her boyfriend who is under police investigation is living rent-free,
  • Charlie, the in-law, is being treated worse than a Haitian restavek.
  • Ni la polis, ni immigration, tout debake nan kay la!

Like every good Haitian movie, there is big surprise at the end.

What is the surprise?

Depanse yon di goud... achete fim nan, epi gade li!

Get your hands on the DVD, watch it, and post your comments.

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