Canada: New Movie 'Oeil Pour Oeil Dent Pour Dent', On DVD April 12

You've seen Gason Makoklen 1, 2, and 3, now get ready for another Haitian film from Canadian filmmaker Wilfort Estimable.

Oeil Pour Oeil Dent Pour Dent Poster
Oeil Pour Oeil Dent Pour Dent Poster

Oeil Pour Oeil, Dent Pour Dent (An Eye For An Eye, A Tooth for A Tooth) is the name of the new film by Wilfort Estimable AKA "Ti Wil" and it is coming out on DVD on April 12, 2008.

This information is brand new, we are still in the process of gathering all the movie info. Very soon we will have everything for you:

  • Actors pictures...
  • The cast and crew...
  • Production photos...
  • The movie trailer...
  • You name it...

Here's what we know so far: The movie stars Stephanie Casimir, Yvon Chery, Georges Jean, Guerline Rigaud and Harry Delva. It is produced and directed by Wilfort Estimable.

I wanted to drop the info now so your local Haitian video store, sa ki eklere yo, sa yo ki branche yo, can make the necessary phone calls to make sure you get your copy of Oeil Pour Oeil, Dent Pour Dent on April 12 when it is released.

Rete branche OK!

What is the movie about?

Do you "Parler Francais?"... Hmmm?... Eh Bien Voila!

Oeil Pour Oeil, Dent Pour Dent représente, tous égards, l'apogée de l'amour qui se transforme en haine.

Les comédiens et comédiennes s'en font témoins et y constituent une exposition de personnages déchirés par la jalousie, les trahisons et les contradictions sentimentales.

Qui dit amour, en effet, dit haine, quand la reconnaissnce n'est pas réciproque. Renmen-m ma renmen-W.

Google Translation:

An Eye For An Eye, A Tooth for A Tooth represents, in all respects, the culmination of a love that turns into hatred.

The actors and actresses are witnesses and would constitute an exhibition of characters torn apart by jealousy, betrayal and sentimental contradictions.

Who says love, in fact, says hatred, when the recognition is not reciprocal. Love me and I will love you back!

Stay tuned to Belfim, more info coming soon.

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Reply · June 03 at 2:10 PM
Diana ou bezwen you role nan next movie t-will la just mandel makak..
Reply · May 31 at 6:50 PM
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Reply · May 30 at 10:23 AM
Emmanuelle Best Hatian movie in 2008!
Reply · May 30 at 7:41 AM
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