Birth Of An Assasin Movie Premiere, See All The Photos

Last night, the crowd went wild at the grand premiere of The Birth Of An Assassin, a new action movie by Haitian filmmaker Joan Demosthene (Tutu).

Birth Of An Assassin Movie Premiere Photo
Birth Of An Assassin Movie Premiere Photo have just uploaded all the movie premiere photos on Belfim, take a look!

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Last night both men and women were screaming at the Miami Shores theater for their favorite actors. All the ladies we screaming for Marc Anthony Delerme and the men were screaming for Sheila Mocombe.

The event was sold out...

We have been receiving nothing but praise from the many of the actors and filmmaker who attended the premiere.

Here is an official statement from filmmaker Godnel Latus aka Baby Love:

"Birth of an Assassin...Two thumbs up"

This is the best Action movie with an All Haitian cast I have ever seen!

Everyone who is thinking about making action movies in the Haitian film industry should follow Tutu's footsteps.

Let us all do this, let's all get together, learn from eachother and create a new generation of filmmaking"

I am sitting here, in my hotel room, trying to figure out how to add words of my own in this article.

Here I am, somebody who decided a long time ago that I will not give my personal opinion about any movies on Belfim, but I am a big action movie fan and TUTU delivered. I will summarize my opinion with two simple words:

Bel Fim!

In a typical action movie, we have a hero, we have a villain, the hero saves the girl, and they ride off to the sunset.

Is there anyone who was present at the grand premiere last night who did not see that?

I believe I speak for everyone when I tell you that Marc Anthony Delerme is the new Haitian action hero and Hudson Accius is the new "bad ass" of the Haitian movie industry (Bellywood).

As far as Sheila Mocombe and Dieula Demosthene, I will leave up to you, the audience, to tell me who is hotter.

The opinion that I've gather amongst some of the people who were at the premiere is that all the actors delivered for the movie, down to smallest role.

If you were at the grand premiere and you are reading this, I hope you take a minute to give you personal opinion about it

Tell us what you think.

Birth of an Assassin, is a Haitian movie or... a movie? on April 2008, I wrote an article called "Bellywood: The State Of The Union Address!". In that article, I made the following suggestion:

"If you are the best 'Haitian' actor or filmmaker out there you are still mediocre, you are just a 'borgne au pays des aveugles.'

Instead aim to be as good an actor as Denzel Washington, As good an actress as Holly Berry, As good a filmmaker as Steven Spielberg, go beyond the 'Haitian' wall, go global.

Being the 'Best Haitian' anything is not good enough, instead aspire to be 'AS GOOD AS' the best in the world, then OUT DO him/her, be 'The Best In The World.'

Less than a week later, TUTU called me and said. 'I don't know why you are writing these thing, Woody, but keep writing them because some of us are listening."

I wanted you and TUTU to know publicly about something I overheard in the lobby of the Miami Shores theater right after the premiere.

A fan approached Marc Anthony Delerme and said to him:

"Denzel Washington got nothing on you!"

Sur ce, je vous laisse!

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Charline the movie was great.i loved it wow my haitian people is stepping up big time..i love you... see more
Reply · July 21 at 2:39 AM
Woodring Is Right woodring you said it assassin is a belfim the best haitian action movie...
Reply · July 21 at 2:35 AM

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