Bellywood: The State Of The Union Address!

How is the Haitian movie Industry doing? Woodring Saint Preux gives his opinion about the industry and makes some suggestions.

Bellywood, April 25 2008

From the Desk Of Woodring Saint Preux

There has been an undeniable upgrade in the quality of the Haitian movies these days. The stories are getting better and the image quality has improved a great deal.

As a Haitian filmmaker, you can't just slap up a couple of scenes together and call it a movie. Haitian consumers will not tolerate it. Why should they? After all, A Haitian DVD costs the same as any American DVD.

Let's just say that "Haitian Kon-n Gou Bouch Yo!" Well not all of us, only those of us who has been exposed to the outside world. We've seen quality, we've smelled it, we've tasted it, and we don't want anything less.

Let's be honest here, all Haitian movies are low budget movies however...

There are some minimum requirements for a GOOD Haitian movie:

You need a great story, you need people who can act, not brothers and cousins "ki ap fe makak" to make people laugh. These days are gone.

Above all, your story has to flow from start to finish; If you lose the audience because the story does not flow, it doesn't matter how clear your movie is.

In simple terms, No "Belle fleurs sans odeur" allowed!

The most expensive camera does not make the best movie. It's the brain behind the camera that creates blockbusters!

Haitian filmmakers, it seems, are taking the necessary steps to give a facelift to the Haitian movie Industry. I even heard someone mention that Haitian movies will one day push out African movies out of the community. I don't know if this is possible or not but I will tell you this much, the African movie industry is the third largest filmmaking industry in the world.

For Haitian movies to even be mentioned in the same sentence with African movies is a plus for the industry, it means that we are improving, but is it good enough?

I have a few suggestions for Haitian actors and filmmakers:


If you are the best "Haitian" actor or filmmaker out there you are still mediocre, you are just a "borgne au pays des aveugles."

Instead aim to be as good an actor as Denzel Washington, As good an actress as Holly Berry, As good a filmmaker as Steven Spielberg, go beyond the "Haitian" wall, go global.

Being the "Best Haitian" anything is not good enough, instead aspire to be "AS GOOD AS" the best in the world, then OUT DO him/her, be "The Best In The World."


In order to be the best in the world, the world has to know that you exist!

We are so selfish as a nation that it is very hard for the world to notice that we exist.

  • We cook delicious food but we only cook it for Haitian people,
  • Everything in Haiti is hand made, something that only the rich can afford in the outside world, but we only make it by hand for Haitian people.
  • We have so many beats and rhythms in our music but we only sing for Haitian people

Sometimes being selfish is bad for your pocket. Why do it just for Haitians when you can do it for the whole wide world?

I think as Haitians we think too small and that's the reason we only earn a "small" income. think about it, thinking small is so burned into our mind that we don't even think about it anymore. Here is what slavery has do to us ...

  • Yon ti fanm
  • Yon ti kay
  • Yon ti kob
  • Yon ti machine
  • Yon ti bisnis
  • but we are quick to say "Yon GRO blan!"... My entire life, I never head a Haitian person say "Yon ti blan"!

A couple of days ago I asked filmmaker friend of mine a simple question and his answer puzzled me.

I asked him:

  • What make a movie a Haitian movie?
  • Is it Creole?
  • Is it Culture?
  • Is it Haitian Actors?
  • or is it the fact that it is made by a Haitian filmmaker?

my friend simply replied:

"A Haitian movie is a Haitian movie, a Nigerian movie is a Nigerian movie, but a movie is a movie. If it's is only sold on West Dixie Highway, If I cannot rent it at Blockbuster, then it is a Haitian Movie"

Movies are translated into many languages and sold worldwide this is why Denzel Washington make millions of dollars. "Haitian movies" are only sold on West Dixie Highway.


Wyclef Jean made million of dollars as a rap star not only because he was a great rapper. That in itself is not enough to make Wyclef Jean a household name and a multi millionaire. If Wyclef was playing music in the Haitian music industry he would be just another Haitian wannabe from Croix-Des-Bouquets.

Why am saying that? There are no Chris Schwartz, no Joe Nicolo, and no Ruffhouse Records in the Haitian community. The Haitian dream does not go beyond "yon ti kay ak yon ti machine" which is why Haitian superstar makers are nothing more than small business owners.

You see... Wyclef became a great rapper and a multi millionaire because Chris Schwartz and Joe Nicolo of Ruffhouse Records invested in his talent. You probably never heard their names before; that's because they they don't hold the mic and go on stage but they are the real superstar makers. If Wyclef made millions how much do you think they made?

There are many people among us who know how to use a talented Haitian person "pou fe 10 kob" but what if the rich Haitians began to invest in Haitian talent instead of just rice and sugar?

Are there really any rich Haitian businessmen out there? Are there any Haitian Moguls out there?

Mezammi... Kite-m ale tande! I have a wedding to go to....

My mane is Woodring Saint Preux and I said it.

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