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Good Bye, Papa Pyè - 02 Aug 1951 - 18 Oct 2017 PHOTO: Haitian actor Jean Max Choute, Alias Frederic, and a fan PHOTO: Haiti Cinema - Gade kijan Frederic vini Granmoun (La Vie Nan Bouk La) La Vi Nan Bouk - Boule La Pa Assiste Tirage VIDEO: Hommage a Papa Pyè - Fresh La, Malpougra, Dutty, Anpami, Murielle Lamy, C-Jay, Matyas, Atougang
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La Vie Nan Bouk La Plot Summary

Lavi Nan Bouk La is a Haitian comedy TV Series that used to air in TNH (Television National D'Haiti) every friday back in the 80's which, according to an article posted on, was the Haitian equivalent of the popular “Sanford ...

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Saurel Charles ... Bos Macel
Jacques Edmond ... Gracie
Jean Claude Joseph, alias Papa Pyè ... Papa Pie
Jean Max Choute, alias Frederic ... Frederic