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Blofe - Plot Summary

entire family whom they believe have a lot of money.

While house-sitting for their wealthy friend, Fanco (Georges Balezines), who is out of town on a business trip to France, they come up with a perfect plan to scam the family.

They stage a robbery involving the girls' mother Mary (Carmen Joseph) and run to her rescue by snatching her bag from the thief and giving it back to her. They make everyone believe that they are bachelor businessmen from Europe and all of Franco's 360 apartments belong to them.

Conquering the house as a hero, Junior, a car wash employee who is struggling to find money to bring his wife from Haiti to the United Sates, begins a romantic relationship with Marlin, herself a gold-digger and a runaway bride from Panama who is spending the money of her ex-fiance.

What happens next is a story of lies, broken hearts, kidnapping and more lies because no one is what they appear to be.

Tout moun sou blof!

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