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Temptation - Plot Summary

With his company approaching financing ruin, Robert Percils (played by Rudolph Innocent) has just told by his lawyer, Marc Bronx (played by Delva Benjamin) that the IRS has brought a claim against his business for a large sum of money.

Worried about losing her wealth, Brenda Percils, (played by Juliette Milord) a greedy and vicious wife, decides upon a malicious solution; to kill her husband and profit from his life insurance money.

Driven by her ambition, Brenda goes on the street to find a perfect man for the job and ready to pay any price to have her job done.

Meanwhile, Paul Senatus, (played by Samuel Vincent), is a desperate young man living in a hopeless situation at home. He has lost his job and is unable to pay his bills.

Pressured by his wife Roselene Senatus, (played by Marie-Therese Anglade) and threatened by the landlord with a pending eviction, Paul finds himself on the street with no choice but to do whatever he can to survive.

When Brenda comes across Paul, Will he be tempted by her proposition? This drama thriller will keep you locked in your seats; it is the movie whose ending you will not be able to predict.

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