Ayiti Mon Amour

Ayiti Mon Amour - Plot Summary

Haiti, 5 years after the quake... In a small fishing hamlet forgotten by the rest of the world, the sea is gaining ground and although the memories of the great disaster still lingers, life must go on...

In Ayiti Mon Amour three stories intertwine, collide and co-exist. There's a coming of age story of an awkward teenage boy (ORPHEE) grieving the lost of his father who one day discovers he has special electrifying power, but with great power comes "great" responsibility.

Ayiti Mon Amour is also a love story of (JAURES) the old fisherman caring for his ailing wife (ODESSA) who has come down with a disease that only the sea can cure. Lastly, there's the beautiful mysterious (AMA) the main character and muse of an unfinished novel being written by an uninspired writer, she becomes weary and wrestles and decides to leave the story to live her own life.

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