Genji Jacques

Genji Jacques Biography

Genji Edgard Jacques was born in Brooklyn New York on February 7, 1974 and was raised in Fort Lauderdale Florida where he resides today.

Education: Genji received his early education at Westminster Academy and further enhanced his education by receiving a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts of Communication at The University of South Florida. Attending a diverse school was an adventure for Genji.

He networked and interacted with many people with different cultural backgrounds/religions and had the opportunity to experience his life where he found his sense of identity and talents through the will of God.

Acting Experience/Talents: At age 21 Genji was involved in a lot of organizations such as the Caribbean Culture Exchange, Club Creole and the Foundations.

In each organization Genji had the opportunity to show his talents through theatre play, dance, and modeling.

Genji enjoyed being in plays and dancing but what he liked most was modeling. He was involved in many fashion shows in school functions that opened doors for more opportunity.

He was chosen be a runway model for the clothing companies, Enyce and Mecca wear. Genji was very much involved in his academics but he still had an interest in show business.

In the year 2001, Haitian movie director Wilkenson Bruna discovers Genji Jacques and gave him the opportunity to play a second leading role in the feature independent film, "Wind of Desire," which is the first Haitian film to be seen on the big screen in America.

Genji with his God given talent played an awesome role, which was a favorite to most moviegoers.

The success of this film has opened more doors for Genji to experience and adventure other avenues in television, film and theatre. However, being in the movie and working side by side with Mr. Bruna has inspired Genji to write his own script called "Brothers Under The Influence."

In addition, Genji has his own production company with his partner; Chris McAnuff called the "Mack-Jack Vision Entertainment Production Inc." In addition, he is an assistant director for the Faith Center Drama Ministry at the (Faith Center) formerly known as Sunrise Musical Theatre.

Genji and Chris's mission and purpose is to have a theatre company that provides positive entertainment, information, and ideas that will influence a new generation.

Present and Future Goals
My goal is to continue to help and encourage those (Christian and Non-Christians) who are struggling with life issues regarding drugs, sex, violence, peer pressure, and family separation. At this present time, God is using me as his chosen vessel to minister to people who are struggling with these issues by exposing them in theatre plays. This way people have the opportunity to view the carnality/reality of life but also can experience the spirituality/ reality of God's presence, his word and how one can overcome their trials once they accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior.

Spiritual Lifestyle
Genji definitely has a strong interest in the entertainment business but he also has a strong passion and love for his savior Jesus Christ. Genji, a devoted Christian enjoys his lifestyle and is deeply involved in the church. Genji believes that God made him who he is, a child of God who was missioned to spread his word in any way shape or form whether it was in his job at home and in his talents. Genji knows that he is a vessel for God not for his own gain, or to be popular, but to minister to youth and adults that suffer with life issues. In all Genji's education, talent he has always and will be under the blood to glorify Christ and to bring about change in the hearts of his people.

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